A Platform Solution Built Around Your Media Business
Knack Networks provide professional media companies, content owners, and ISPs with a complete platform to CREATE, MANAGE, STORE, PROTECT, MONETIZE, and DISTRIBUTE their content and media over the Internet and across private IPTV networks.
By utilizing a vested, turn-key platform, professional media companies and ISPs can leverage our platform solution to create and administer highly customized, dynamic and behaviorally driven media properties without the long start-ups and costly IT investments, thus enhancing the user experience and freeing up valuable resources.
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Globally Scalable Platform
Each network is delivered on top of a network and software platform that ensures effortless scale and global reach. Solidify your audience reach regardless of their location or volume.
Dynamically Assembled Networks
Each network consists of a highly customizable and behaviorally aware experience that attunes itself to its own unique audience based on business rules and models you specify.
Multiple Business Models
Networks can be deployed using any combination of business models such as Free, Free with Registration, Ad Supported and Subscription.
Lights Out Operation
Each network is supported by a totally managed solution that is reinforced by multiple levels of redundancy and several levels of globally distributed world class Network Operations Centers. Your network and application health is monitored 24/7.
Innovation and Support
Knack Networks are innovators in the development and delivery of IP-based broadband and entertainment services. We work closely with other innovators at a research and development level in the areas of business application software, telecommunications, content delivery, networking and security to ensure that our technology and services reflect the best possible practices.
360 Degree Visibility
The Knack Networks platform provides a 360 degree view into both business operations and customers through its production, network, customer acquisition, enterprise applications and analytics tools. Our tools provide a continuous finger on the pulse of data and key performance indicators of each network.
Customer Acquisition Platform
Each network sits on top of a proprietary customer acquisition platform that includes technology and services in support of precision targeted visitor, registration, customer acquisition and conversion, and retention programs.
A Marriage of Strengths
Knack Networks is reliable and predictable due to the fact that it is supported by leading companies in their respective technological fields including Internap, Vital Stream, Digital-Rapids and Microsoft.