Knack Networks provides professional media companies with a complete set of fully managed application and network services that provide an operating turn-key multi-channel, IPTV transmission platform. We offer the fastest time to market as well as the most comprehensive end to end solution set in the industry. We created our solutions to be modular; you can pick and choose from our suite of services leveraging your current investments in talent and equipment.
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Managed Media Ingestion
Starting with a global network of professional broadcast television headends, Knack Networks has line-of-sight with virtually every major broadcast satellite in orbit and is able to support high quality ingest of live 24/7 or event television feeds from any regional of the world, quickly and efficiently.
Managed Media Services
Once media is ingested by Knack Networks, a full suite of professional media management options are available including storage, digital asset, security and rights, metadata, electronic program guide, transcode-on-demand and distribution-on-demand services.
Managed Platform Services
Once media is ingested and secured, a suite of business or platform services are available to quickly and efficiently create and manage a service offering including publishing (set-top box, PC or mobile), storefront and ecommerce, marketing, advertising, customer management.
Managed Distribution Services
Media can be distributed to customers, as requested across Knack Networks own distribution network, built in partnership with the world’s leading network companies, and optimized for unique demands of live television.
Managed Storage
Once we ingested your media into our platform, we can provide you with a cost effective and reliable storage solution for all of your media. We operate a distributed storage area network specifically designed to store the masters of large video libraries. It’s fully scalable and redundant. And all of the content can be accessed in real-time or on-demand by your customers or distribution partners.